My dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome!

Welcome to this, my world of the macabre. You shall see that my own writings have been shaped by a small number of particular authors, not only in content but also in style. In my humble opinion, it is great loss to the modern literary world that the ‘dated’ style of many of these great men is no longer regularly used (although there are a few exceptions).

The tales found in this domain are eclectic to say the least.  My ‘Macabre Tales’ are to be read at the viewers’ discretion. In some, the more mature themes are quite subtle (for example: in Dark Alice) and others are more obvious.  In others… I must reveal to the reader that many of the more sinister ideas have evolved from actual events I have stumbled across in my anthropological and archaeological studies. The epic fable ‘The Solar Dawn’ is intended to be an anthropology in itself (of a fictional society I hasten to add) and, maybe shockingly to some, a great number of the darkest rituals are modeled on similar cultural traits from early human societies.

So please peruse at your leisure. These works are as much to do with my own need to purge a hyperactive imagination than any attempt to become recognised as a writer. Having said this, all comments are welcome.


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